still haven't been able to move on from event Kutus Kutus Tamba Sane 5th Anniversary yesterday? the same!!

So great makes a very spectacular event. How does? Hundreds of police, TNI and the factory Inauguration Hat Pecalang Tamba Sane Kutus Kutus. The anniversary of this time at once inaugurated a new factory located in JL. sawo, Bitera, Gianyar. more 1000 participants from all over the country and abroad attend the anniversary Kutus Kutus Tamba Sane that is 5 years old. 

Exactly at 18.00: the participants are almost filled the area that was held by Balinese performing art-forms.


Exciting right? There is nothing more exciting to mention all the participants wearing Super hero. There are Thor, Wakanda, Wonder woman, even superhero land not missed IE Wiro Sableng to Gatot kaca.

Greeting from the show has been on starting with the cheerful and Pinata at any use of the stick by Mr. Bambang and participants. Exclamation point-a cry full of jokes laughter had created together.

The more nights are increasingly happy to continue, in the cutting of tumpeng and dinner on the market that provides the people of Bali and specialties available also merchendaice Kutus Kutus Tamba Sane.

In the same Oil peracik Kutus Kutus Mr. Bambang Pranoto best Distributor award to his Mother Rina, I Ketut Ariani (Hana), the mother, the mother Urges Vinny Chandra, the mother of Ernawati, and lastly the CPC I Nyoman Gede decency.

Top event starts. Yes, the legendary homeland of singers who else kalo not Iwan Fals. Iwan Fals Beckham deliberately because travel Kutus Kutus Tamba Sane with same Iwan Fals, ranging from zero to peak towards the infinite.

and Fireworks that are in use to enliven the asian games Jakarta, Palembang yesterday as the concluding event this evening.

And here's a short cupilkan in auto summary by Martika Yasa

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