Kutusian kutusian still cannot move on from the event on December 8, 2019 yesterday.

How could the event that was held be so spectacular and elegant and could not be expressed in words. Rossa, Isyana Saraswati, the legends of Iwan Fals, God Bless, etc. Accompanied by the magnificent okresta, the instruments will enliven the 6th Anniversary of Kutus Kutus, attended by 1,000 spectators. The opening song is sung by Isyana with Indonesian Heritage song, the song reflects our unity, there is no difference in ethnicity, religion, race, etc. then Rossa, God Bless and Iwan Fals entertained the audience present. “This is the 6th year, the bigger the bigger. What happened? That Resellers throughout Indonesia. Why do I have to be massive? indeed we must be big, therefore I am Jay Subyakto, Erwin Gutawa, God Bless, Iwan Fals, Kompiang Raka. We are big and we are not playing anymore and we want to be open to all Indonesian people that we are big for that, we are great in accordance with our greatness. ”Imposes Visionary Kutus Kutus on the video Masterpiece