60 TOWARDS 600


Kutus Kutus ?? !! JOSS !!!
On 1 – 5 July 2018 Kutus Kutus Kutas Waras again held a Digital Marketing Seminar. Digital Marketing has entered season 3 and participated by 300 participants from all regions of Indonesia and stayed at the Golden Tulip Hotel Jineng Resort Denpasar Bali for 5 days. The first day of July 1, the participants checked in at the Golden Tulip Jineng Resort and ate the night.

On Monday (6/6/18) the founder of Kutus-kutus, Bambang Pranoto filled the first seminar with the theme 60 to 600. After that the seminar continued with the technique of product photography to make it more interesting.

Tuesday (03/06/18) the participants at 08.00 wita headed for 100 Sunset Ballroom which participants used for 2 days. On Tuesday, the material given by Mr. Agung Kunto Anggoro was copywriting on how to write interesting and sell.

In the second session the material continued with tips and tricks on how to market via Facebook.

After Breakfast On Wednesday (04/06/18) the participants had a picnic at the new factory and the first factory which was on Jl. By pass Dharma Giri no 88

After touring the Kutus Kutus Tamba Waras Factory, the participants headed for Bebek Tepi Sawah Restaurant located in Nusa Dua.

Sore hari setelah makan siang, para peserta menuju Garuda Wisnu Kencana dan bersenang-senang

Once satisfied, the participants headed to Teba Cafe in Jimbaran area to attend the top event. The highlight included dinner together, singing and dancing together, and there were also games for dozens of the latest smartphones.