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Kutus Kutus ?? !! JOSS !!!
Digital marketing season 4 has begun and is different from previous digital seminars. This time Digital Marketing began on March 14-18, 2019 and participants began arriving at the Prime Plaza Hotel for Check-In. Hundreds of participants in the afternoon prepare to go to the Kutas Waras Kutus Kutus Factory to do the DInner and this time it was very special because the DInner conducted was in the Lobby of the Kutus Tamba Waras Factory with the theme of waving.

Friday 4/19/19

In the morning after the breakfeast, the participants went to the factory to take part in Digital Marketing activities. The first session the participants learned what digital marketing is and what practices have been learned. Do not forget the photography and copywriting techniques so that participants have the technical knowledge of photographing an object and understanding the writing techniques to make it more interesting.

Saturday 4/16/19

Departing from the Sunset Hotel to the factory this time the participants took part in the practice of making Kutus Kutus oil. Starting from the beginning of making spices, cooking, bottling, until the final packaging.