Herbal medicine is made from natural ingredients, in the form of parts of plants such as roots, leaves, bark, and fruit. There is also using material from the animal’s body, often the chicken egg yolk is also used to add the mixture to the herbal medicine. In modern times, herbal medicine is made in such a way that it can be used at all ages. KUTUS OIL KUTUS is an herbal oil made from a mixture of a variety of medicinal plants that is specially processed in the traditional way. Thus producing Herbal herbal oil which helps the healing process and is safe and comfortable for daily use. The way to use it is quite simple just by putting special Cuticle Oil in certain limbs according to the pain.

ESTIMATED OIL Kutus is believed to be able to activate the body’s energy which is often called “Chi” so that it automatically maintains balance and health. Chi Energy is the essence of life energy, which flows in the paths of the meridians in our bodies. Energy that makes humans alive and all organs function properly. If there is interference with Chi, there will be interference with the organ