Leaf of Gandarusa inKUTUS KUTUS OIL

Gandarusa leaves are known to many people as an ordinary shrub plant. Though this herbaceous plant has several pharmacological effects, which makes it worthy of being included in the list of medicinal plants.
The benefits of the gandarusa leaves are quite phenomenal, one of which is to fight HIV causing AIDS. This shrub is also effective for dealing with various health problems and diseases, such as eye pain, headaches, eczema, and more.

The scientific name of gandarusa is Gendarussa vulgaris or Justicia gendarussa Burm, belonging to the family Acanthaceae.
The color of the tree is deep purple, and will turn shiny brown when old.
The flowers are small, with white flowers arranged in panicles and have a lot of hair coming out of the axillary leaves.
The shape of the fruit is oval, with black or green stems.

Gandarusa is enriched with various chemicals such as alkaaloida, essential oils, justicin, and important minerals including potassium. Willow trees have slightly acidic and spicy properties.

10 Amazing Benefits of Gandarusa Leaves for Health The pharmacological effects of gandarusa such as anti-rheumatism, blood circulation, and others. The following are the benefits and efficacy of the leaves of willows for health:
1. Reducing headaches by dissolving important substances in the leaves of willows by boiling them with clean water, drinking the water in the morning and at night. Say goodbye to headache immediately.
2. As a pain reliever. Analgesic properties in gandarusa is useful for reducing pain in parts of the body, although the taste of the leaves is rather spicy and bitter.
3. As an earache medicine. Ear pain can be treated with traditional medicine. The trick, boil a handful of willow leaves with water. Let it boil and the water is reduced by half. After the water is cold, drop it into the ear hole that feels painful.
4. Overcoming the difficult discharge of urine. By consuming gandarusa leaf boiled water every 2 days, it can expedite the urinary tract so that it is difficult to avoid urinating.
5. As an eye pain medicine. Infection of germs in the eye, can cause disease belek (red eye). In addition to using red betel cooking water, another solution is with gandarusa leaves. So, apply the dual water of garusarusa as eye drops.
6. As a rheumatic medicine. Pain and swelling due to rheumatic diseases can be treated with a decoction of the leaves of willows. Boil 30 grams of the leaves with enough water, drink the water while still warm. To relieve pain, crush the leaves and then apply to the body’s aching joints.
7. Prevent facial paralysis, water from the gendarussa vulgaris leaf decoction, turns out to be effective for blood circulation in the face. Wet your face with water, massage gently on parts of the face that feel stiff.
8. Fever reliever The use of double shoulders as external and internal medicine, can reduce fever and heat in patients.
9. As an external medicine to heal wounds on the skin. Willow leaves can be used as an external medicine, to treat bruises, boils, sprains, boils, and eczema. Simply apply the finely ground leaves to the problematic skin.
10. Overcoming menstruation that is not smooth Water obtained from the decoction of the leaves of canarusa can facilitate blood circulation, so that menstruation is smoother and regular.

Various types of medicinal plants turned out to be available, not far from where we live. So, we only try to learn the uses of each of these plant types.
In each region, this plant has a different designation, such as andarusa, tetean, gandarisa, iron-iron leaves, deer leaves, lattices, and many others. The Chinese call this plant as Bo gu.

With that much benefit, Gandarusa Leaf is already in the Kutus Kutus Oil. No need to boil and crush, let alone blush everywhere looking for it. Enough to apply it only with Special Oil. All kinds of health problems will be resolved with a comfortable and comfortable.