Tanamu Tanami Soap is a premium quality soap product with many advantages. Tanamu Tanami Soap uses extracted spices. Tanamu Tanami Oil which contains 50% Nyamplung Oil (Tanamu Oil). Efficacious to overcome various stubborn skin complaints such as itching due to allergic acne scars, tinea versicolor scars and scars and other skin disorders.


Pure coconut oil has various benefits both for beauty, with high protein content coconut oil can stimulate hair growth, besides coconut oil can also be used as a natural skin moisturizer, as well as for lotions because of its nature.

Olive oil is one of the best types of oil at the moment because of its small amount of fat. Olive oil also has a high content of vitamin E, which functions as an antioxidant as a cancer prevention, especially skin cancer.

Quality spices, very high spice content makes this Tanamu Tanami Soap very comfortable when used. The warmth that arises when this soap is rubbed evenly throughout the body gives a different sensation than the sensation of bathing that you have ever felt before.

Tanamu Oil or nyamplung oil is an ingredient that is actually familiar to some people in Indonesia. These plants that thrive in almost all of the mainland of Indonesia are often encountered, but still rarely know about their benefits to help overcome the problem of the skin. Research on nyamplung is still small, but the benefits of nyamplung need not be doubted anymore.


The following are chemicals that are often found in cosmetics:

Triclosan is widely used in soap products, deodorants, toothpaste, etc., which are easily absorbed by the skin and are known to be toxic or carcinogenic in nature. Research shows that antibacterial can interfere with the function of testosterone in cells and can damage some good bacteria thereby increasing susceptibility to certain infections.

Diethanolamine (DEA) is a poison used with DEA ​​coccamide and DEA lauramide as emulsifiers and makers of foams in many personal care products such as skin moisturizing shaving lotions and baby soaps. It is carcinogenic in nature and acts as a destroyer of hormones and vitamins in the body.

Formaldehyde is one of the other dangerous chemicals commonly used in baby bath soaps, nail polishes, eyelashes and hair dye adhesives. If continued use can lead to various health problems such as poisoning of the immune system, respiratory irritation and even cancer.

Mercury is found in beauty products whose function is to whiten coolies. Many are also found in products such as mascara. The use of this material can cause skin irritation, nerve damage etc.


The benefits of Tanamu Tanami Soap are truly amazing, among others, to cure skin diseases such as phlegm, ringworm, ringworm, itching due to allergies, and so on. Tamanu oil is also effective for treating acne and blackheads, scaly skin and chapped skin. It also can heal blisters, burns, and bruised skin due to collisions. And many other benefits. Pure coconut oil is very useful for maintaining skin beauty, including moisturizing the skin, smoothing the skin, and nourishes the hair. Because of these properties, coconut oil is often used as a mixture in various beauty products, as well as in tanamu tanamu soap.


provide a warm sensation that is beneficial for blood circulation. Therefore, spices are also often used as a mixture on various skin beauty products such as scrubs or mangir, or soap containing scrubs. Tanamu tanamu soap contains tamanu oil, coconut oil, olive oil and spices. The combination produces a high quality health soap and is able to overcome various skin problems. The use of your tan soap plant every bath will produce healthy and beautiful skin. In addition, the warm sensation generated and its distinctive aroma will make your shower event different and special, very different compared to when you used soap before.