The composition of Tanamu Tanami Oil is made from 95% of Nyamplung Oil, which is added with a small amount of Olive Oil and Coconut Oil. Nyamplung oil itself is currently very difficult to find, especially those that have not been processed into oil. Yes, Nyamplung seed oil is indeed used as an oil making material.

However, in addition to functioning as a basic ingredient in oil production, Nyamplung oil has also been thoroughly studied and has been found to have a good function for maintaining and overcoming problems with the skin. This happens because in the content of Nyamplung Oil there are ingredients such as calophyllolide (anti-inflammatory) and delta-tocotrienol (vitamin E), as well as a number of super antioxidants which are often also called xanthones.


Tanamu Tanami Oil is also a figure to rejuvenate skin cells and repair dead skin cells. With Tanamu Tanami Oil, there is no need for beauty serum anymore. Besides this oil is also easily absorbed by the skin so that it can rejuvenate skin cells and make the skin moist. Tanamu Tanami Oil can also protect us from UV rays and SPF 20. Protection Can prevent wrinkles on the face too.


Research for more than a century has found that Tanamu Oil (Nyamplung Seed Oil) can be very beneficial for anti-aging. Various countries in the world have taken advantage of the wonders of the efficacy of this oil in halal beauty. Tanamu Oil is also very easy to seep into the pores of your skin. How it works enters the connective tissue and helps the growth of new cells in the skin and also protects the new skin cell tissue from attacks from outside our skin.


Tanamu Tanami Oil is also quite powerful because of its ability to produce new skin tissue, anti-inflammatory, anti-neuralgic, antibiotic and antioxidant. Old Polynesians use Tanamu oil to treat and heal wounds. In the modern era like now tanamu oil is widely used to treat scars, acne scars, dark spots, stretch marks, dry and cracked skin. Other uses that can be used as first aid in treating bruises, rheumatism, burns and others. Tanamu oil is not oily and is easily absorbed by the skin. Because it has anti-microbial and anti-inflammatory properties, tanamu oil is often used to treat ringworm, ulcers, onjungtivitis and other infections. Other benefits of tanamu oil include treating hemorrhoids, sore throat, zits, insect digits, scaly skin, diaper rashes, postoperative wounds and eczema.


How to use Tanamu Tanami Oil (Tanamu Oil) is actually quite easy to do, just spread it evenly on the surface of the skin so directly Tanyat Tanamu Tanami Oil will work for you. To get more maximum results in its application to your skin that has problems, you should first clean the area of the skin so that the oil can absorb better. Dirty skin stores lots of bacteria and garbage that clogs the pores of the skin, so the absorption process is not optimal.