Succeed with Kutus Kutus

It was proven many times that many joined the Kutus Kutus family, all kinds of health difficulties both mind health, physical health were totally cured, even financial health was greatly helped. There is a story from a member of Kutus Kutus who used to have economic difficulties because of bad financial habits that cannot be stopped. The family was almost destroyed, due to his bad habits. Finally getting acquainted with Kutus Kutus Oil. In the beginning did not believe, but with the power of intention and trust, without any marketing theory. Slowly but surely skyrocketed and managed to improve the quality and quantity of the family’s economy.

Basically, as a social human being, it is much influenced by the environment. If he grows up in a successful environment, he will participate in developing his spirit and mentality to succeed. It is OK, for example, at one time driving a vehicle on the toll road then because it follows the speed of traffic on the toll road the vehicle without noticeably has a speed of 160 km / hour. In the toll road system all high-speed vehicles. Like it or not, we are also carried along with the high-speed toll road traffic. Because certain situations sometimes have to slow down. But after that it feels like it wants to speed up again like that but it doesn’t feel like it can. And one time there is a vehicle that catches up with high speed suddenly can come again and be able to follow the vehicle and high speed too. In tune with highway traffic.

What does that analogy have to do with us as social beings?

If we realize consciously if the closest people in our social environment are just ordinary, then it is difficult for us to do something extraordinary. But if we are ordinary, but the surroundings are extraordinary, then we will be motivated to also become extraordinary. And then you can become Extraordinary to guide those who are mediocre.

This is a normal natural law. In the human brain there are neural links that function to mimic (Mirror Neurons). Since babies are born humans learn by imitating. Many of the inspirators or empowerers use this mimicking technique. They suggest imitating the success of others without being that other person. Because each individual is unique and original cannot be photocopied.

Vice versa, if the social environment has bad habits. Little or no, a lot of influence on everyday life. So therefore join with people who have positive lives. These people who will provide enthusiasm and ideas develop better. The Kutus family is always open to accept anyone to join without looking at any background. With the spirit of sharing healing and spreading health both physically and economically will make all humanity at peace.