Trees and Balance

Life is an orchestra led by God Almighty. Harmonization and balance are guarded directly by Him. The balance of the universe is continuously carried out so that disasters do not occur. But humans as mortal beings sometimes go beyond balance in their lives. To balance this, humans are asked to learn from the mistakes of the past. An example is when someone throws a stone in the middle of a pool whose surface is calm and flat. There will be waves originating at the point where the rock falls. This wave will propagate to the edge then back to center again. Repeated again until the balance is reached as before. All living systems have their own balance.

In soil and forest ecosystems. There is a special balance which is created by nature. The relationship between the land and the trees will give new life to the ecosystem. The forest balance will have a community that takes refuge in it. Variations of trees and animals will appear and be maintained in a healthy manner. The source of the spring is clear, flowing profusely. Food sources for life abound. If the “stone” of a mortal human hand crosses the line and the balance is lost. So when the forests in the tripe are gone, the mountains lose the hooks on the roots of the trees. The soils start moving because of the natural burden of downward gravity. In the final moment due to the imbalance there was a landslide. The function of lush and deeply rooted trees will keep these lands from the onslaught of rainwater. A lush tree can hold up to 10 thousand liters of water at its roots, just imagine if the forest in the tripe runs out. Rain water immediately flows without a hitch. It’s the law of the universe, water will flow to the lowest location. The presence of trees in its path will inhibit the rate of movement of dangerous water which becomes the source of life around it. Various kinds of animals will go extinct by themselves. As we have seen the impact lately.

Reflecting from the universe. The human body also has its own balance. Signals where the body goes to pain will arise. Fatigue, aches, excessive sleepiness will arise. Means that the physical balance is disturbed, then because of the accumulation of these signals it is not heeded. Pain occurs in the human body. To restore a man’s physical balance back to the right requires proper handling by re-learning to nature. Forests that are a representation of life have trees, in addition to providing the benefits of maintaining soil stability. Also provides extraordinary benefits of treatment in humans. Like the philosophy of Kutus Kutus. Sourced on Roots, Stems, Leaves and Fruits. Pure from trees, free from all chemicals and animal oils. Like the life orchestra, the content of Kutus Kutus Oil is praised by various herbal experts as an appropriate, unique and balanced composition. Original and distinctive aroma of the archipelago with a fragrance that appears later. When in contact with the skin does not feel hot, if the body’s condition is not healthy, automatically the body temperature will rise by itself. After this heat process is finished there is no sudden cold like wind oil. All flows according to proportions. Healing happens comfortably and pleasantly.