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Servasius Bambang Pranoto


Leaving the establishment in Jakarta to pull over to GIanyar, Bali. Delivering Servarius Bambang Pranoto to difficulties after difficulties. So at some point, it actually becomes a treat for the benefits of spices. Initially the oil was only to treat itself, then in mass production and is now very popular.

The birth of Kutus Kutus Oil produced by Tamba Waras, Bambang’s spice oil brand, keeps its own story. Who would have thought, products made from 49 kinds of natural materials were found after Bambang was hit by a disaster.

In 2002, Bambang and his wife, Lilies Susanti Handayani, moved from Jakarta to Bali to pull over. His positions as general manager of a group of multinational companies, lecturers at the Jakarta Art Institute, and his film company were all abandoned. The decision brought him many difficulties. Until one day he fell down and made him paralyzed from the waist down in 2011.

Three months he suffered.
Until finally Bambang found a mixture of oils from plants whose recipes he obtained from his parents. The recipe he found out by digging information on the internet.
After it was finished, Bambang used the topical oil to treat his paralysis. “I use cured. Then I share with friends. They recovered, even with stroke and stage 4. cancer

still pungent odor and no brand. Then some friends suggested mass production, “recalls this man who idolized Steve Jobs.

“For brands, choose Kutus Kutus Balinese, meaning‘ eight-eight,)

And at the beginning of 2013, Kutus Kutus began to be marketed as many as 500 bottles with the hope of selling. And apparently not sold. Then I find out how to sell. New packaging came out in 2013 with the village I made, “said the father of Citra, Nita, Arniel and Ukhita.

Another breakthrough, Bambang marketed through social media, Facebook, on December 16, 2013. Since then, it has sold and many resellers. In January 2014 sales began to climb around 1,000 bottles / month.

“The first buyers were healed. Which eventually became a reseller.

Sales began to increase to 1,500, 2,000, 2,500 to 3,000 bottles, “he said.

New product

Although at the end of 2015 the sale of Kutus Kutus was not good, Bambang actually developed a new product called Tanamu Tanami

This product is a combination of Kutus Kutus oil with nyamplung fruit oil to treat skin diseases.

In addition to Tanamu Tanami, Bambang also issued other similar products such as soap. This soap is made to utilize the remaining processing of Kutus Kutus oil. “I see that the rest of the Kutus Kutus oil processing still has properties. Until finally the idea emerged to make soap with the name Kalila Kalila. In addition, the remaining processing of Tanamu Tanami oil is also made into Tanamu Tanami soap. So, in our industry everything is used, “explained Bambang.

Even after the development of new products, Bambangtak’s business improved, and even had to face the challenges of distributors who made their own oil and marketed it through the Kutus Kutus reseller network.

Bambang also decided to cooperate with the main reseller and run his own product marketing. He uses all the marketing knowledge he mastered while still a marketing employee in a multinational corporation.

Once I held myself, sales exploded. I changed my price, so resellers get the maximum profit through a clear sales scheme, and give bonuses for resellers who exceed the target. This finally stimulates people to sell, and even the sales of all resellers exceed my target, “he said.

The Tamba Waras product has been registered with copyright and has a permit from the Ministry of Health and MUI Halal Certificate in Bali. “There is the registration of IPR and the Ministry of Health as the Traditional Medicines MIcro Enterprises of the year

2015 and already has a halal certificate from MUI Bali, “said Bambang gratefully.