Kirab Gunungan Rempah-rempah HUT ke 4 Kutus Kutus Tamba Waras, YOGYA – Kutus Kutus Tamba Waras celebrates his fourth birthday in Yogyakarta. This Bali-based company this time chose Yogyakarta as a place to celebrate its birthday.

The series of Kutus Kutus Tamba Waras Anniversary events began on Friday (1/12/17) starting with dinner at Beteng Vredeburg with the aim of bringing culture closer and reminding that during the colonial period the Indonesian Nation was experiencing a great time.

On the second day (Saturday, 2/12/17) Lava Tour continued to Mount Merapi, saw the splendor of Prambanan Temple, and closed with dinner at Ratu Boko Temple. The peak event of the whole series of the Kutus Kutus Tamba Waras Anniversary was held on Sunday (3/12/17) which was the third day during his stay in Yogya.

“Starting from visiting Tamansari, then visiting the Yogyakarta Palace, after the group visited Tamansari and the Palace then returned to the hotel where to stay to get ready to carry out the Gunungan Spice Spice,” said Servasius Bambang Pranoto, an innovator from Kutus Kutus Tamba Waras.

Bambang continued, the carnival was attended by 250 people in costumes during the Dutch colonial period, Kirab took the start from the Phoenix Hotel to the Tugu Jogja then from the Tugu to the hotel again for eight times to mark the fourth birthday’s gratitude.

After eight times going back and forth to the mountains of spices, then ended with the struggle for mountains of spices to drain the blessings from the mountain.

Bambang as an innovator explained, that Kutus Kutus is a herbal medicine made from seven times the seven elements of the tree from the root to the forty-nine fruit which has properties to help cure internal and external diseases, for internal medicine there is Kutus Kutus itself is packaged in 1 bottle of 100 milliard sold at a price of 230 thousand, and for external medicine there is Tanamu Tanami oil, this oil can cure outer disease, packaged in 1 bottle of 100 milliard sold at a price of 280 thousand rupiah.

For Kutus Kutus, the medicine for how to use it is applied on the backbone to the coccyx, the sole of the foot and the place where it hurts. For more information, you can see it on the facebook fan page Why Not, If You Want to Heal in Kutus Kutus , Tamba Waras, and can also visit

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